The World a Decade After Crisis

On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the United States, declared bankruptcy in the 158th year since its incorporation. The instantly escalated subprime mortgage storm drew urgent attention to the most serious financial crisis since…
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AI-enhanced Investing: 2018 and Beyond

Artificial Intelligence (AI), again one of those terms that everybody talks about yet very few actually have a clue. Loosely being used interchangeably with Machine Learning (ML) and seemingly has much to do with data analytics in general, most have to claim these days that it is being utilised somehow…

US Consumer Lending in 2017

The beginning of the year is not just a whole series of holidays but also the right time to sum up the results of 2017 and try to predict what to expect in 2018. Last year was quite a good one for the US consumer lending. In fact, it was…

Cryptos : To Be or Not to Be

It has certainly been quite a while since we were last bombarded by a series of funds all running a similar ‘emerging’ strategy. Cryptos 'Multi-Strategy' is suddenly all the rave as we see funds mushrooming across the globe from Jersey to Singapore and then back to Zug, prompting even HFR…

Difference Between Chinese and U.S. Online Marketplace Lending

The state of online marketplace lending in China today is very different from in other areas of the world. In the year 2007 a number of marketplace platforms really started to boost the use of this type of lending in China especially. Retail investors and other small business investors were…

Blockchain and Customer Service in Banking

While we have seen the various merits of block chain technology with relation to asset management and the core of financial technology, it's tough to connect the dots and see if block chain will have answers in customer service as well. Blockchain data is something that's always going to be…
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We've Changed Names!

We are pleased to inform you that FinEX Asia is now Assured Asset Management.

We’ve changed our name to reflect what we do best – assuring a superior financial experience for global investors. We’re the same – the only thing that’s changed is our new look. We remain driven by the same high standard for service and results-driven performance that you’re accustomed to.

Please contact us with questions at or +852 3893 9588.

Read more about our rebranding initiative here.


Assured Asset Management Investor Relations