Emerging Market Currency Analysis

The Emerging Market currencies have been experiencing increased volatility lately. This has been due to a combination of the strengthening dollar as well as deteriorating trade relations. While the broader Emerging Market currencies were facing increased volatility since 2018, matters…

Embracing the FinTech Revolution

FinEX Asia is being interviewed by InvestHK and our management share our views on FinTech case study. A new Hong Kong FinTech company has grown so quickly in its first year of operations that it has had three separate growth…
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Five Major Hurdles Facing Professional Asian Investors

Professional investors throughout Asia are facing major hurdles when they are looking to expand their portfolios. However, thanks to a growing global economy, exciting new technology, and innovative business practices, none of these hurdles are insurmountable.

What You Need to Know From Lendit Europe 2017

For two days in early October, Europe’s financial services sector movers and shakers met in London to discuss what the future of the industry will look like. Lendit Europe is the premier event for innovation in financial services. During this year’s event, three key themes emerged from the different panels…

Why Invest in US Consumer Loans?

Investing in consumer loans can be a unique investment strategy that can deliver increased security for investors that may not be interested in investing in commodities, stocks or assets. Investing in US consumer loans can also add a well-rounded support unit for your portfolio.

Online Marketplace Lending as an Investment

Online marketplace lending is becoming a very popular way for investors to utilize a start-up economy as a means for lending individuals their money to receive investment dollars back for their initial lending investment. From a marketplace lending space, a person can create a portfolio of fairly new and slightly risky…

Return of US Consumer Loan Investing

There are many situations for Americans in which there is a need for money as soon as possible. Urgent loans or consumer loans are often a solution that many Americans take on in order for them to avoid having to default on payments, to access emergency funds when required and…