FinEX Asia Changes Name to Assured Asset Management

HONG KONG (16 September, 2019) – We are pleased to announce that FinEX Asia has changed its name to Assured Asset Management (“Assured”), effective immediately. FinEX Asia is an asset management firm that leverages advanced technologies to drive efficient global…
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Understanding the Risk of US Consumer Credit

There is no secret that consumers play an important role in driving US economy given how close everyone is monitoring US consumer confidence level. As a result, US consumer finance market is at the core of the US economy. The performance of this asset class plays a critical role in…

Why Invest in US Consumer Loans?

Diversification is crucial to a well-balanced optimized portfolio. Many investors typically invest in traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds; however, alternative asset investment has picked up over the last decade due to its valuable contribution to portfolio diversification.

FinEX Asia Highlighted as Best HK Blockchain Startup

Asia Blockchain Review published an article titled “Hong Kong, a great place for blockchain startups” and highlighted FinEX Asia as one of Hong Kong’s best blockchain startups. With strong governmental support, Hong Kong has become a major blockchain development hub in Asia and has attracted local and international players

Upcoming Rate Cuts and their Impact on Asset Prices

The US economy has experienced consistent growth over the past decade, marking the country’s longest period of continued economic expansion in history. In recent Congress testimony, the Chairman of Federal Reserve further agreed that the US economy is far from recession. However, he also noted that recent economic events across…

The Pursuit of Attractive Yield in Contained Risk and Low Volatility

Asia has over 8 million millionaires and it’s rising trend significantly outpaces the global average. From 2011-2016, Asia’s millionaires with investible assets of between USD 1 million to USD 5 million grow by 353.7%, and close to 90% of the millionaire population. These investment savvy, risk-adverse individuals are seeking performance…