Why Invest in US Consumer Loans?

Diversification is crucial to a well-balanced optimized portfolio. Many investors typically invest in traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds; however, alternative asset investment has picked up over the last decade due to its valuable contribution to portfolio diversification.

FinEX Asia Highlighted as Best HK Blockchain Startup

Asia Blockchain Review published an article titled “Hong Kong, a great place for blockchain startups” and highlighted FinEX Asia as one of Hong Kong’s best blockchain startups. With strong governmental support, Hong Kong has become a major blockchain development hub…

Upcoming Rate Cuts and their Impact on Asset Prices

The US economy has experienced consistent growth over the past decade, marking the country’s longest period of continued economic expansion in history. In recent Congress testimony, the Chairman of Federal Reserve further agreed that the US economy is far from…
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Uncertainty from Trade War Leads to Rate-cut Considerations​

Following the research titled “US-China Trade War Tension Has Risen. Who will be the Winner?”, US and China, the two biggest economy continue to capture the spot light for the trade battles. We don’t think there is a winner amid of the trade war. In 2018, the International Monetary Fund…

FinEX Asia Won The Asset 2019 Editors’ Triple Star Award

The Asset sets the benchmark in Asia for investment and custody service and the Award assesses both buyside institutions and sell sider provides in Asia’s dynamic asset servicing industry. Editors’ Triple Star Award is to award companies that offer innovative and market-leading products or services. Only three institutions won awards…

US-China Trade War Tension Has Risen. Who Will Be the Winner?

On May 10th, the Trump administration began to slap higher tariffs on Chinese imports worth US$200 billion from 10% to 25%, jeopardizing a trade deal currently being negotiated by the two countries. On May 13th, the US and China intensified their trade tension, as Beijing said it would increase tariffs…

What Differences Will Hong Kong Virtual Banks Bring?

Hong Kong has recently granted four virtual banking licenses to Livi VB Limited, SC Digital Solutions Limited, ZhongAn Virtual Finance Limited and WeLab, a local financial technology (FinTech) startup in Hong Kong. After the granting of these four banking licenses, the number of licensed banks in Hong Kong has increased…
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We've Changed Names!

We are pleased to inform you that FinEX Asia is now Assured Asset Management.

We’ve changed our name to reflect what we do best – assuring a superior financial experience for global investors. We’re the same – the only thing that’s changed is our new look. We remain driven by the same high standard for service and results-driven performance that you’re accustomed to.

Please contact us with questions at or +852 3893 9588.

Read more about our rebranding initiative here.


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