What Differences Will Hong Kong Virtual Banks Bring?

Hong Kong has recently granted four virtual banking licenses to Livi VB Limited, SC Digital Solutions Limited, ZhongAn Virtual Finance Limited and WeLab, a local financial technology (FinTech) startup in Hong Kong. After the granting of these four banking licenses,…

FinEX Asia Funds Approved to Register in Korea

HONG KONG (25 April, 2019) – FinEX Asia Investment Limited (“FinEX Asia”) has obtained approval by the Korean Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) to solicit fund products in South Korea. FinEX Asia is expanding quickly and views Korea as a key…
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FinEX Asia Investment Limited Opens New Chapter; Wins 2 Awards

The winning of “Hong Kong Best Wealth Management Platform Award” from Asia Asset Management Magazine (AAM) and the “ Best Global Fintech Asset Management Platform Award” from Wealth & Finance Magazine in 2018 has made the start of 2019 bright for FinEX Asia Investment Limited (“FinEX Asia”).

FinEX Asia Advisor Soul Htite: How Tech Transforms Finance

There is no disruption in financial industry but there is transformation, and this is not unique to finance, said Mr. Htite. The word “disruption” tends to make people think that banks may be replaced because of technology. However, it actually means change. Banks are not able to cover all customers…

Global Asset Allocation Outlook

The trade tension between the US and China, the policy normalization by the US Fed and China’s curbing a record borrowing binge, the embattled Brexit from the European Union, and rising political cacophony across the globe, together mounted the fear of uncertainties and brought volatilities to the financial markets and…

FinEX Asia Wins Asia Asset Management Magazine Award

Asia Asset Management Magazine (AAM) announced on January 16 that FinEX Asia won the “2019 Hong Kong Best Wealth Management Platform Award”. FinEX Asia is committed to continuously provide the best service to our investors and is delighted to be recognized by the professional body. This award echoes two trends…

FinEX Asia at AFF: How Technology Transforms Asset Management

FinEX Asia Inno Talks at AFF officially launch on January 15th and focus on how technology will transform asset management business. The audiences are impressive on FinEX Asia core technology helps clients to manage their investment. Inno Talks is moderated by Robert Cheung, FinEX Asia COO.