FinEX Asia Highlighted as Best HK Blockchain Startup by Asia Blockchain Review

Asia Blockchain Review published an article titled “Hong Kong, a great place for blockchain startups” and highlighted FinEX Asia as one of Hong Kong’s best blockchain startups.

With strong governmental support, Hong Kong has become a major blockchain development hub in Asia and has attracted local and international players alike to actively invest in the emerging technology. Asia Blockchain Review discussed a few top performing ventures in the space but particularly commended FinEX Asia for utilizing blockchain technology to enhance its asset management operations.

FinEX Asia is a leader in fixed income fund solutions and leverages its risk management expertise with blockchain-based data security validation to provide Asian investors access to a diverse and attractive portfolio of U.S. consumer lending assets.

Most financial institutions committed to data security and transparency have begun implementing blockchain technology into their operations. FinEX Asia is ahead of the curve in using blockchain to enhance client data security, reduce transaction costs and increase operational transparency.

Asia Blockchain Review is the largest media initiative in Asia for blockchain technology. Read the article here: